SA Support Teams exist to connect with and care for women working the sex industry in the U.S

SA Support Teams are made up of women and serve as locally based outreach ministry teams. Each SA Support Team is co-led, administered and resourced through The Salvation Army Social Justice Department in the Western Territorial Headquarters.

The SA Support Teams visit brothels and clubs to listen, pray and offer connections for women with the support of The Salvation Army’s services and community partners. Support Team members provide a contact point for women to seek care, including help with exiting the sex industry if they’d like.


Start your own SA Support Team using this set of guidelines and best practices. These guidelines answer questions about how to build relationships, operate safely and with respect, how to conduct and brand yourself as an ambassador of The Salvation Army, spot human trafficking red flags, and what to do in case of an emergency.

SA Justice is here to support you at all times. Please feel free to contact:

Jacqui Larsson: ja************@us*.org or 562.491.8725.



Please use this flyer to provide information about your Salvation Army Justice Support Team. This document explains your affiliation with The Salvation Army as a woman who is available for connection and support and can be used in conjunction with your contact card.


Please download and complete the template contact card. Always carry copies with you in your outreach.