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Tools & Resources

Fair Trade Campaigns: Fair Trade and Anti-Trafficking 101

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Unicef: End Trafficking

Linked to End Trafficking Resource

Teen’s Coffee Business Aims to Bring a Better Quality of Life to Ethiopia

Linked to Bringing a Better Quality of Life to Ethiopia Story

Stop in The Name of Love Campaign

Linked to Stop Human Trafficking in The Name of Love Resource Page

Books & Documentary Recommendations

Fair Trade


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Fair Trade Explore!


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Made in L.A.


Linked to Made in L.A. Documentary

The True Cost


Linked to The True Cost Documentary


Fair Trade Certified: https://www.fairtradecertified.org/

Fairtrade America: https://www.fairtradeamerica.org/

World Fair Trade Organization:https://wfto.com/

Fair Trade Federation: https://www.fairtradefederation.org/

International Federation of Social Workers: Policy for Socially Just, Fair and Sustainable World Trade Agreements

Podcasts & Videos

Fair World Project


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Fair TRadio


Linked to World Fair Trade Organization Podcasts

Favorite Attire


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The Fairlosophy


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Kindred Movement


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Eden Tarik Wild


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