Human Trafficking 

Since the beginning of humanity, people have bought, sold, and enslaved by other people. But one of the great collective triumphs of our world has been our ability to end slavery. Slaves themselves, along with people of faith, were at the forefront of challenging this evil practice.

“Abolition” leaves no room for compromise.

Emancipation set the captives free, right?

Well, at least that’s what we like to think. Sure, we’ve heard there are still questionable work conditions in sweatshops on the other side of the world. But buying, selling and trafficking human beings? If that’s happening, it must be far away from us.

Actually, no. No matter where we live, modern-day slavery is amongst us.

From the girl forced into selling herself at a hotel next to your favorite restaurant to the man discovered in that very restaurant kitchen, stripped of his passport and humanity.

A holistic, collaborative, compassionate, grit-filled response is required. Human trafficking is a form of modern slavery—a multi-billion-dollar criminal industry that denies freedom to 28 million people around the world.

Here’s the good news: Since its very beginning, God raised The Salvation Army as a global pioneer and leader to fight against human trafficking.

Today, just as in 1902 when we invaded the Japanese brothels and helped to free thousands of girls and women, we’re dedicated to fighting this evil by intercepting trafficking networks through strategic interventions and providing safety, justice, and holistic restorative to its survivors.

The Salvation Army USA Anti-Trafficking Programs

The Salvation Army currently operates 43 anti-trafficking programs nationwide offering holistic services to survivors of human trafficking. Please click on the city on the map to find out what type of holistic services are offered in that specific program & to find contact information. If needed, please double click on the map to zoom in on the cities.



Santa Barbara, CA

Mark Gisler, The Salvation Army Santa Barbara Executive Director
805.962.6281, ext.104

Services: Safe Housing


Las Vegas, NV

Major Cheryl Kinnamon

Victim Advocacy
Jeree Saucedo, Assistant Director of Social Services
Transitional Housing & Case Management
Angel Dennis, Family Services Coordinator
(702) 649-8240 x 107
Shelter Coordination
Juan Salinas, Director of Social Services

Orange County, CA

Stephanie Taylor, The Salvation Army Program Coordinator

Services: Safe Housing, Transitional Housing & Holistic Case Management


San Diego, CA

Megan Dowell, The Salvation Army Director

Services: Transitional Housing


Hollywood, CA

Susana Nunez, The Way In Program Director

Services: Safe House

Greater Los Angeles Area, CA

Steve Lytle, Bell Shelter Program Director
(323) 263-1206

Services:  Safe House


Roy Mims, Hope Harbor Program Director
(213) 555-2202

Services Provided:  Safe House


Diane Good, Westwood Transitional Village Program Director
(310) 477-9539

Services Provided:  Safe House

Seattle, WA

The Salvation Army Seattle Social Services Director

Services: Safe Housing & Holistic Case Management


Tacoma, WA

Major Victoria Shiroma, Corps Officer
(253) 572-8542

Services Provided:  Safe Housing & Holistic Case Management


Portland, OR

Rebecca McBrayer, SAFES Executive Director
(503) 227-0810

Services: Transitional Housing, Morning Breakfast, Housing Case Management

Pasadena, CA

Jhoana Hirasuna, The Salvation Army Social Service Director

Services: Educating the community, Connecting survivors to community resources


Philadelphia, PA

Jamie Manirakiza, Director of Anti Trafficking

Services: Holistic Case Management, Safe Housing, & Drop-In Center


Portland, Maine

The Salvation Army, Major Kim Harris
Services: Street outreach, Drop-in center


Lowell, Massachusetts

Services: Safe Housing


Cleveland, Ohio

Beau Hill, Executive Director, The Salvation Army Harbor Light Complex
216.781.3773 or 216.619.4676                                                                                              

Services: Case Management & Safe Housing



Toledo, Ohio

The Salvation Army Toledo Corps RISE program

Services: Case Management & Drop in Center

Hartford, Connecticut

Krystal Ambrozaitis, Anti-Human Trafficking Coordinator

Services: Case Management


Columbus, Ohio

Michelle Hannan, Anti-Human Trafficking Program Director

Manager: Central Ohio Rescue and Restore Coalition                       

Services: Victim Advocacy Law Enforcement HT Task Force, 24 hour hotline/emergency response, Comprehensive, long-term case, management, Street Outreach, The Well Drop in Center, Trauma and Addiction Groups, Training and Consultation


Dallas, Texas

The Harbor Drop-in Center
Tammy Turon, Coordinator

Services: Holistic Case Management


Atlanta, Georgia

Melba Robinson, Program Director

Services: Hoilistic Case Management, Drop In Center


Tampa, Florida

Dotti Groover-Skipper, Divisional Anti-Trafficking Director
Kelly Garrett, Tampa Social Services Director

Services: Safe Housing & Holistic Case Management

Baltimore, MD

The Salvation Army Catherine’s Cottage
Hilary Sigismondi, Anti-trafficking Program Director

Services: Safe Housing & Holistic Case Management

North Carolina

Project FIGHT
Elizabeth Hunter, Director of Project FIGHT

Services: Safe Housing & Holistic Case Management



Fort Worth, Texas

Beckie Wach, Executive Director, Mabee Center

Services: Transitional Housing


Chicago, IL


Services: Holistic Case Management for any person who has experienced human trafficking and currently lives in Northern Illinois


Omaha, Nebraska


Services: Holistic Case Management for any person who has experienced human trafficking and currently lives in Nebraska


Indianapolis, Indiana

Housing and Outreach Program
Services: Housing for female domestic violence survivors and their children, Outreach to survivors of human trafficking


Cincinatti, Ohio

Erin Meyer, MPP, MSW, LSW
Anti-Human Trafficking Program Coordinator
The Salvation Army
Coalition Manager, End Slavery Cincinnati
Office: 513.762.5690
Cell: 513.646.0977
24hr Greater Cincinnati Hotline: 513.800.1863

Programs/Services: Street Outreach, Drop in Center, 24 hour hotline, 24 hour emergency response, Victim service provision for law enforcement, Long term comprehensive case management, Drop in Center, Trauma and addiction therapy groups for at risk/trafficked girls, Management of End Slavery Cincinnati, Southwest Ohio’s HT Coalition

Roanoke, VA

Turning Point
24 hour hotline 540-345-0400
Captain Monica Seiler

Services: Secure intimate partner, sexual exploitation and anti-human trafficking trauma-informed emergency shelter, includes wrap around intensive case management, trauma support groups and legal advocacy

Houston, TX

The Salvation Army Project FIGHT Houston
Gerald Ekkert, Houston Social Services Director

Services: Emergency Housing, Holistic Case Management

Washington DC

The Salvation Army Anti-Trafficking Program
Kyla Conlee, Program Director

Services: 24-Hour emergency response and low barrier emergency shelter to adult victims of human (sex or labor) trafficking at an undisclosed location in the metropolitan Washington area

  • Call our 24-hour hotline at 855-313-FREE (3733)
  • Salvation Army staff will conduct a brief phone interview with the victim
  • If accepted into the program, The Salvation Army staff will arrange a pickup at a public location.

Manchester, NH

Major Armida Harper

Services: Drop in Center

New York, NY

Pearl Essence
Major Susan Wittenberg

Services: Outreach, ESL

Willmington, DE

Restore Now
Lauren Arnold

Services: Outreach, Case Management, Safe Housing

Pittsburgh, PA

The Salvation Army, Sarah Medina, Comprehensive Case Services Manager

Services: Comprehensive case management across Western PA

Saratoga Springs, NY

The Salvation Army Fight For Freedom Anti Trafficking Program
Lt. Trisha Smouse

Services: Comprehensive services for minor victims of human trafficking

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Minerva Torres

Services: Foreign National Case Management

Bath, Maine

Bath, Maine
The Salvation Army, Major Kim Harris

Services: Youth Drop in Center

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit, Michigan
The Salvation Army, Southeast Michigan Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative

Services: Outreach, resources, case management

Action Plan

Since its very beginning, God raised The Salvation Army as a global pioneer and leader to fight against human trafficking.

Today, just as in 1902 when we invaded the Japanese brothels and help to free thousands of girls and women, we’re dedicated to fighting this evil by intercepting trafficking networks through strategic interventions and providing safety, justice, and holistic restorative to its survivors.

In 2016, SA Justice launched Fight for Freedom, a 10-year action plan to combat human trafficking. Check here to download the plan!

Everyone is welcome — officers, soldiers, employees, volunteers and friends —  all are needed in this fight.

Let’s fight for freedom together.  Here’s the strategy:

1. Awareness and Trainings

Education is power. To equip and mobilize people to fight against human trafficking will require effective awareness and training. Here’s the hope and dream:

  • Creation and implementation of Human Trafficking 101 training for every employee/officer/cadet.
  • Educate and encourage corps congregations to become fair-trade aware
  • Inclusion of human trafficking education training into SA ’Protect the Mission’.
  • Interactive SA Info Booths available to division for awareness in communities around the territory.
  • Regular best practices training, tools and resources for those engaged in the fight.
  • Training trainers to target key places for awareness training.
    • Hospitality industry
    • Education
    • Medical
    • Ethnic-based communities
  • Divisional, regional and community training days
  • ‘We Will Not Be Silent Campaign’ – SA Global Day of Prayer for Victims of Human Trafficking
  • ‘White Ribbon Campaign’ –   Sa USW Awareness Against Pornography
3. Survivor Services and Recovery

After escaping from months or years of victimization, survivors of sex and labor trafficking often need a wide array of holistic services that recognize the unique trauma they have experienced. In order to rebuild their lives, survivors may be in immediate need of housing, counseling, medical care, legal advocacy, job training, interpretation, immigration relief, substance abuse recovery, or food and clothing assistance. The Salvation Army has historically provided case management and safe housing. Here’s the hope & dream:

  • A safehouse in every state
  • Extend and expand existing programs
  • Implement specialized best practices trainings for all staff serving survivors
  • Create economic empowerment program
2. Prevention and Outreach

Are there strategic ways to prevent human trafficking? We believe so. An effective way to find out is through outreach to vulnerable groups, and intentional prevention strategies emerge. We believe The Salvation Army is well suited to do this work. Here’s the hope & dream:

  • Integrating anti-trafficking awareness & tools in SA programs & corps serving vulnerable people groups.
  • SA Support Teams – A coordinated outreach to brothels/massage parlors in each division.
  • BRAVE curriculum and campaign focused on empowering foster girls
  • Specific training for ethnic-based communities using primary language of community.
  • Migrant workers and farm communities where labor trafficking is a growing concern. Training our current outreach workers in the facts and options for trafficking victims will make them effective in the fight against trafficking.
  • Support booths at sex shows
  • Outreach to sex industry and street sex exploitation
  • Increase partnership with host countries in our partners in mission program.
4. Partnership and Advocacy

The Salvation Army can’t do it alone. Partnering & collaborating will be essential to making any real impact in our anti-trafficking efforts. Here’s the hope and dream:

  • Establishing SA internal networking and partnerships.
  • Participation & leadership in local anti-trafficking task forces.
  • Intentional partnering with churches on local initiatives
  • Partnering with The Justice Conference.
  • Creating service opportunities for volunteers.
  • Creating a legal team/office for trafficking expertise.
  • Liaising government relations employee re: government advocacy where strategic.
  • SavN/New Frontier investigative justice solutions series.

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