Anti-Trafficking Certificate Webinar Series: February 11, March 10, April 14 at 2pm EST

The Salvation Army’s Anti-Human Trafficking Certificate is a unique opportunity for individuals who are new to the topic of human trafficking and are looking to get involved in addressing this issue through their local corps/community. This certificate provides  attendees with a basic introduction to human trafficking and the provision of effective service delivery, and will build upon this foundation to equip leaders and support staff to fight human trafficking in their communities. It is a helpful tool in the initial process of identifying each community’s responsibility to recognize and respond to human trafficking.

A certificate will be provided after viewing all 3 webinars and submitting all 3 surveys.

PART 1.  Tuesday, February 11 at 2pm EST

  • Human Trafficking 101: This webinar will be helpful in equipping staff, soldiers, and volunteers to identify participants in programs and individuals receiving support from The Salvation Army who are both vulnerable to and currently experiencing human trafficking. Specifically, it will cover the federal, legal definitions of human trafficking as well as an understanding of vulnerabilities that leave some individuals at a higher risk of being recruited for trafficking and indicators that someone is already experiencing human trafficking. During this session we will also review TSA’s Rapid Response tool.

PART 2.  Tuesday March 10 at 2pm EST

  • Anti-Trafficking Promising Practices & Holistic Services: This webinar will cover trauma-informed, person-centered service delivery and how to create safe spaces (physically and emotionally) for individuals who have experienced human trafficking. It will also cover promising practices that are helpful to consider in providing services.

PART 3.  Tuesday April 14 at 2pm EST

  • TSA’s Fight for Freedom Response & Engagement: This webinar will unpack the four focus areas of The Salvation Army’s Fight for Freedom action plan including: Awareness & Training, Prevention & Outreach, Survivor Services & Recovery, and Partnerships & Advocacy. We will share about our overall strategy, program models, and resources available. This will create a framework for our 3-part introduction to human trafficking webinar series
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January Webinar – Clearing the Smoke: Dispelling the myths surrounding Human Trafficking

During this webinar we will peel back the layers to dispel the false narratives of how trafficking happens in the US. We will discuss sensationalism, facts vs. myths and shed light into Survivor experiences while being trafficked to give clarity and a better understanding. This webinar will encourage communities to relate, strategize and work collectively to create more exit ramps for those entrapped.

Presenter: Keisha Head, HavenATL Lead Case Manager

Mrs. Keisha Head is more than just a survivor of child sex trafficking. Today she serves as a nationally recognized speaker and advocate aiming to end all forms of Human Trafficking. She has been called upon by the US Department of Justice and advocates for legislation that protects victims of human trafficking. Head is also a consultant for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. She uses her personal story of being a victim, turned survivor, emerged leader, to serve as the voice for countless victims who aren’t strong enough to speak for themselves. In 2011 Head was awarded the Paul Howard’s Fulton County District Attorney “Voices for Victims” award. Head has been featured in numerous local and national news articles and has appeared on various televised broadcast, including FOX News and cnn, to spread awareness nationally. In 2012 her first televised interview “How to Stop the Candy Shop” conducted by PBA’s Ross Scott received the Southeastern Emmy. In 2013 Head was awarded the “Voice of Courage” award from Darkness to Light, an organization that advocates and provides services for sexual abuse victims. Head was also featured in November 2014 Special mens edition of EBONY magazine. Head currently serves as Vice President of Board for the Women of EXCELLENCE Organization (WOE), an organization that provides re-entry support to women who have been formerly incarcerated. In 2018 Teresa Pike Tomlinson Mayor of Columbus, GA Declared April 12th “Keisha Head Day” and awarded head with the Key to the City. Keisha’s passion is working with adult survivors and helping them to overcome their victimization by way of empowerment. She is currently the Lead Case Manager for the Salvation Army Haven ATL program. Apart from advocating, Head is a wife and mother of four beautiful children. She is also a passionate writer and plans to publish her first book titled “Survival Mode” in the summer of 2020.

December Webinar – Human Trafficking and the LGBTQ Community

The objectives of this webinar are as follows:
• Increase understanding of LGBTQ identities
• Provide context for how and why human trafficking can affect the LGBTQ population
• Develop an understanding of how complex trauma impacts LGBTQ communities
• Explore differences between identifying and assisting LGBTQ survivors of HT from non-LGBTQ survivors

Rachel Ostergaard, LSW is the Volunteer Manager and Anti-Trafficking Specialist with the Salvation Army STOP IT program. She has been involved in Anti-Trafficking work since 2005 and in a variety of capacities. She provides comprehensive case management services to victims of both labor and sex trafficking. She has provides teaching and training to professionals across disciplines and was an active member of the Cook County Human Trafficking Taskforce, which is a multi-disciplinary task force that brings law enforcement and social and legal service agencies together to work on human trafficking cases. Additionally, she was responsible for the development, implementation and oversight of a low threshold drop in center in downtown Chicago for young people who are victims of sex trafficking/may engage in survival sex. Prior to her current role she was the Direct Services Program Manager for a non profit in Honolulu, Hawaii that provided one on one mentoring and group services to victims of trafficking and young people who are at risk of trafficking. Additionally, she was an outreach worker in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, linking women involved in street based prostitution to basic needs and services.

October Learning Webinar: The Continuum of Care for Sex Trafficking Survivors

Esther Nelson will discuss the process of building a trauma-informed continuum of care for sex trafficking survivors. The conversation will be linear, walking participants through the building process in a community, from the first stages of identifying key stakeholders, conducting existing resource assessment, to formalizing a Multi-disciplinary Team or Task Force, implementing a formal memorandum of understanding, and finally enforcing an agreed upon protocols. Considerations will be discussed for both large urban areas and smaller rural communities.

Esther Nelson has been a crime victim’s advocate for 15 years, serving sexual assault, domestic violence, and sex-trafficking survivors. Esther founded Safety Compass, an Oregon based non-profit that offers advocacy services for commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking survivors. Esther is currently the CEO of Safety Compass, which was the recipient of the 2017 FBI Director’ Community Leadership Award and has been recognized for her advocacy service by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force, the Portland Police Bureau, and the Nevada State Victim’s Rights Alliance. Esther has trained approximately 21,500 people on topics of sexual assault, sex trafficking, suicide intervention, crisis intervention, and collaborative practices between advocates and law enforcement. Esther provides expert witness testimony on trafficking dynamics and victimology upon request.

Esther Nelson
CEO & Founder
Clackamas County Task Force Coordinator
Safety Compass
“Navigational Support for Survivors on the Path to Healing and Justice”
Follow us on Facebook! @SafetyCompassOR

Unbridled Hope: A Case Example of Using Equine-Assisted Therapy in Partnership with The Salvation Army Anti-Trafficking Programs

This webinar focused on The Salvation Army’s partnership with GateWay Horseworks to provide equine assisted psychotherapy for survivors of sex trafficking in the New Day New Home program of Philadelphia. This partnership has been influential in the recovery process of the New Home residential survivors as well as in the healing process, and will look at the innovative model developed from Eagala. Join us to learn more from the Founder and CEO of Eagala Lynn Thomas, Executive Director of Gateway Horseworks, Kirsten De Marco, and Salvation Army Territorial Anti Trafficking Program Coordinator Jamie Manirakiza.

May’s Learning Webinar: Caring for Children Who Have Experienced Online Sexual Exploitation 

This webinar introduced many of the participants to Online Sexual Exploitation. It will describe why it is considered human trafficking and what has been learned about the issue so far. The webinar will review a case study of care that is being provided in the Philippines and grapple with some key issues institutions there face.

Jason is the Anti-human Trafficking Technical Advisor for the Salvation Army World Service Office. He has been working for The Salvation Army for the past 20 years at the community, state, training school, regional, and international levels of the organization. His mission has been to support vulnerable children and communities through community and corps-based programming, this started in his own local community and expanded to communities around the world. He is currently finishing his second year as a Phd student focusing on International Family and Community Studies. He also holds a Master of Arts with a focus in cross cultural studies and a Master of Public Policy with a focus in international development.

April’s Learning Webinar: How Business Brings Freedom From Trafficking 

If poverty is a key factor that makes individuals vulnerable to human trafficking, then business has to be part of the solution. Yet starting — and sustaining — any profitable business, whether small or large, requires strategy and know-how. In this webinar panel, you’ll hear from individuals with work at the intersection of anti-trafficking and economic freedom. They’ll share lessons learned, steps to take, and questions to consider.
Panelists include:

Jennifer Roemhildt Tunehag, Global Operations Team Leader at Freedom Business Alliance

Jeremy Floyd , Executive Director at 10 Thousand Windows

Shelia Simpkins, Director of Education and Outreach at Thistle Farms

Decriminalization vs. The Nordic Model – A Learning Webinar Reaching Victims of Exploitation Effectively 

FAAST & Salvation Army Presents March’s Learning Webinar

A Look Into The Nordic Model: a method of reducing and eliminating the demand for illicit sex. Featuring Shea Rhodes and Hennes Doltze
March 12, 2019 2pm ET

Shea M. Rhodes, Esq. has dedicated her career to combating violence against women, protecting the rights of those who are oppressed or exploited, and championing human rights. She is the statewide legal expert on Pennsylvania laws related to sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. As the Co-Founder and Director of the Institute to Address Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE Institute) at Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law, Ms. Rhodes works with and on behalf of victims and survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

Hennes Doltze social worker with the Salvation Army Correctional and Justice Services in Winnipeg/Canada. He works with men who have exploited vulnerable people for sex or who have been abusive towards their intimate partner. He believes that in order to create safety and security for women and girls it is essential to hold men accountable and therefore reduce the demand for sexual exploitation. He has seen many men make positive changes and stop abusive behaviour. He has a strong interest in social justice and advocacy and has held various positions in probation, child welfare and the mental health field in Canada as well as in Germany.

Reaching Victims of Exploitation Effectively National Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Month Jesus, Justice and The Salvation Army

We will be hearing from 2 presenters:

Harmony Grillo, MSW
Founder and Executive Director of Treasures
Victim of exploitation turned UCLA honor student, Harmony’s goal is to help women and girls entrenched in sexual exploitation find freedom.

As a survivor, Harmony is passionate about assisting women in their journeys of healing and transformation. In 2003, she founded Treasures, a faith-based outreach and support group to women in the sex industry and victims of sex trafficking.

Armed with personal experience, a Master’s Degree in Social Work and evidence-based theories, Harmony sheds light on the impact of a pornified culture and the lives of women trapped within it. Her memoir, Scars and Stilettos details her harrowing account of moving from victim to survivor to liberator.

Ashley Abercrombie
Ashley Abercrombie fought to overcome addiction, rape, abortion, perfectionism and dysfunctional relationships to become an honest, whole and free woman (most days). She wore a mask more than half her life, and considers herself too old, and too annoyed to ever put that thing on again. She has been in urban, multicultural, racially diverse ministry for more than 15 years, leading people and teaching Bible studies, classes, small groups, and Sunday services. She has an unrelenting passion for justice, particularly anti-human trafficking and mass incarceration initiatives. Ashley is an Executive Board Member of Treasures, her favorite non-profit, that reaches and supports women in the sex industry and victims of sexual exploitation, while training leaders globally. She is an advocate, speaker and writer, featured in many magazines and digital outlets. Her first book will be released with Baker Books in the Fall of 2019. Ashley, and her husband Cody, pastor Liberty Church, Downtown Manhattan, and are almost brain dead from sleep deprivation because of raising their two incredible sons, Levi and Lucas, in their beautiful neighborhood, in Harlem, New York. Connect with Ashley on her website: www.ashabercrombie.or

National Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Month 

Join us for a webinar highlighting awareness and prevention methods as we shine the light on domestic sex trafficking this month.

Webinar: Jesus, Justice and The Salvation Army

This webinar explores topics such as What is social justice, how Jesus lived a life of justice, social justice is an extension of our holiness, The Salvation Army’s strong history with social justice, justice as a lifestyle, and practical frameworks of justice.

Webinar: Parallel Process: Analyzing Power & Control Dynamics

Learn about Analyzing Power & Control, continuing the #FightforFreedom and fight against Human Trafficking.

Webinar: 12 Ways Your Corps Can Fight Human Trafficking

Listen about 12 different ways your corps can join the #FightforFreedom and fight against Human Trafficking.

Webinar: Bottom Girl Phenomenon

Participants will get a better understanding of the role of the bottom girl who operates as the traffickers most trusted accomplice and well as recommendations on how to interact with her.

Access Code: 253-274-501

Webinar: Anti-Trafficking Program Models with Hillary Luyk DeJarnett 

Listen to Hillary Luyk DeJarnett, the Southern Territory Anti-Trafficking Coordinator, discuss The Salvation Army’s Anti-Trafficking Initiatives across all four territories, including providing practical tools for you to get involved in your own community.

Webinar: Brave with Captain Lisa Barnes

Listen to Captain Lisa Barnes speak on Brave Global, a movement to empower vulnerable girls from the foster care system and learn how you can start participating in your own community.

Webinar: An Overview of FOSTA-SESTA with Shea Rhodes

Listen to Shea Rhodes speak about new legislation regarding commercial sexual exploitation and demanding driven solutions.

Webinar: The Connection Between Immigration, Refugees, and Human Trafficking and How You Can Make a Difference

Listen to Allison Bell of World Relief discuss the connection between immigration, refugees, and human trafficking and be challenged on how you can make a difference.

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